Your Personal Action against Acne

There are different things that people usually consider when having an issue. Before most people consult a skin specialist, they tend to try to treat it. When you do that, you need to think basic to the three basic causes of acne. This will help in understanding the reason that both home treatment and prescription therapy are three. These three are unclogging pores, reducing bacteria, and minimizing oil. Opening the pores require cleansing and skin care. It is important to acknowledge that there are no magic products or regimen that is right for every person and situation. You can do mild cleansing. Then your mild cleansing bar or liquid once or twice a day will keep the skin clean, as long as it minimize sensitivity and irritation.

There is another thing that you can do, this is doing exfoliating cleansing and masks. It is a variety of mild scrubs, exfoliate, and masks are useful in this cleansing. Some of these products might have salicylic acid in a concentration that makes it a very mild peeling agents. These products open pores by removing the outer layer of the skin. Products that contain glycolic or alpha hydroxyl acids are known to also be very gentle on the skin.

When it comes to killing the bacteria, there are different things that you can do. The first thing in killing bacteria is using antibacterial cleanser. The most popular ingredient that can be found in Over-The-Counter antibacterial cleanser is benzoyl peroxide. The tropical or external applications are another way to kill the bacteria. These products come in form of gels, creams and lotions and should only be applied on affected area.

However, when it comes to reducing the oil, it is impossible for you to stop your oil glands form producing oil. The only way to do that will be messing with your hormones or metabolism in a way that you should avoid. However, you can get rid of the oil on your skin and reduce the embarrassing shine. You can use a gentle astringent or toner to wipe away the oil. Products that contain glycolic acid or other alpha hydroxyl acids are also mildly helpful in clearing the skin by causing the superficial layer of the skin to peel. You can use the masks containing sulfur and other ingredient have the potential to draw out facial oil. You can make use antibacterial pads with benzoyl peroxide in its ingredient to get additional beneficial help in helping you to wipe away the oil.